Oil deliveries continue as normal says NIOF

The NI Oil Federation has advised that oil deliveries are continuing as normal despite the strong demand, but some customers may see some delay due to the volume of orders.

David Blevings from the Northern Ireland Oil Federation (NIOF) commented, “Deliveries are continuing as normal, unfortunately at increased prices due to the conflict in Ukraine. Energy prices were already inflated, driven by strong demand from unprecedented economic growth and for the oil sector, partly attributable to a seven year low in oil stocks coupled with a lack lustre approach to increasing stocks from OPEC members. 

Any sort of predictions on future pricing are currently unreliable as there are too many factors at play. Unfortunately, recent increases in global pricing have already translated into increased wholesale and retail costs. Distributors have no option but to pass on these increases to consumers as they are all independent businesses who must make a profit to survive and pay overheads, including staff wages.

Oil home heat users in Northern Ireland are very fortunate with next day delivery a common approach locally. Like any sector we must plan ahead and forecast volumes required on a weekly and monthly basis with the major oil companies.

We come under pressure logistically, like any sector, when demand increases dramatically, due to external forces and the weather is unfavourable. We are confident that NIOF Members will respond to this challenge and customers will receive their oil but may see a day or two delay given the unprecedented demand in some locations.

We would always advocate that consumers should buy off their local distributor and look for a recognised customer charter which gives a framework for delivery standards and clear complaints procedure. All NIOF members have signed up to a customer charter which is supported by the Consumer Council and customers can ask for a copy of this documentation or download it from the www.nioil.com website,” added David.