The NI Oil Federation has advised that oil deliveries are continuing as normal despite the severe cold weather that we are experiencing this week but some customers may see some delay due to heavy snow. David Blevings from the Northern Ireland Oil Federation (NIOF) commented, "Deliveries are continuing as normal. Oil users in Northern Ireland are very fortunate with next day delivery a common approach locally. Like any sector we have to plan ahead and forecast volumes required on a weekly and monthly basis with the major oil companies.

We come under pressure logistically, like any sector, when demand increases dramatically and the weather is unfavourable. We are confident that NIOF Members will respond to this challenge and customers will receive their oil but may see a day or two delay given the unprecedented demand and snow falls in some locations.

We would always advocate that consumers should use distributors that have a recognised customer charter in place offering a framework for delivery standards and clear complaints procedure. All NIOF members have signed up to a customer charter which is supported by the Consumer Council and customers can ask for a copy of this documentation or download it from the website,” added David.

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